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Regular Bath Package

Regular bath includes bath, blow dry, spritz of cologne

Full Service Package

Full service package includes bath and dry, ear cleaning teeth cleaning nail clipping and sanitary trim and paw massage and full body haircut, mouth spray and spritz of cologne

Basic Grooming Package

Basic grooming includes bath and dry, ear cleaning teeth cleaning nail clipping and sanitary trim and paw massage and paw trim mouth spray and spritz of cologne

Tick and Flea Treatment

Medicated bath, tick removal by hand, dry, brush, spritz of cologe

Cat Basic Grooming

Bath, dry, brush, teeth cleaning, mouth spray, ear cleaning, nail clipping, sanitary trimming, paw massage, paw trimming and face trimming, spritz of cologne

Cat Full Service

Paw trimming and face trimming, bath, dry, brush, teeth cleaning, mouth spray, ear cleaning, nail clipping, sanitary trimming, paw massage, full body haircut, spritz of cologne

Pet Grooming in Gurgaon: Pamper Your Pooch

Are you a new pet parent?

Are you trying to find a stress-free and easy method for grooming your pet? 

We understand that you want to provide the greatest care for your pet and value the fact that they are an important part of your family. That is why we, time and again, focus on how regular grooming can make them feel and look their best, and that includes it. Yet, if your pet is nervous or dislikes being around other animals, taking them to be groomed may be stressful for both of you.

This is where pet grooming at home in Gurgaon comes in handy. With our in-home pet grooming services in Gurgaon, a qualified groomer visits your house to give your pet a grooming session in their environment. Your pet may have a far less stressful experience with this, and it’s convenient for you, too. Being professionals, we know that every pet is different, so we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of your pet. In addition to using only the best supplies and tools, we are dedicated to making grooming your pet safe and pleasurable.


Unleashing Unprecedented Pet Luxury: Expanded Facilities for Premier Grooming Services in Gurgaon

Experience the enhanced ease of our extended pet grooming services in Gurgaon. We are fully equipped to meet the increasing needs for premium pet care. Our dedication to quality is evident in our modernized infrastructure and staff of experts. Your pets may now more than ever benefit from our full range of grooming services, which include anything from professional treatments to calming baths. Our enhanced facilities ensure a seamless and efficient process, allowing us to accommodate more furry clients while maintaining the exceptional quality and personalized care that sets us apart in the Gurgaon pet grooming landscape.


Pet Grooming at Home in Gurgaon: Where Style Meets Fluff

There are many benefits to pet grooming at home in Gurgaon, including:

  • Reduced stress for your pet: In their own homes, pets tend to feel more at ease and content. For them, this can significantly reduce the stress of the grooming process.
  • Convenience for you as a pet owner: You won’t have to wait for your pet to finish grooming or drive them to and from the appointment. You can schedule the grooming session at a time that works for you, and the groomer will visit your house and take care of the rest.
  • Personalized attention: Your pet will receive the groomer’s undivided attention. This means that the groomer can take the time to get to know your pet’s individual needs and provide them with the best possible grooming experience.


Professional Pet Groomers in Gurgaon: Services Offered

Your pet deserves the best, and we are here to provide it. Pet grooming at home services typically include:

  1. Bathing & Shampoo: With our special dog bath service at home in Gurugram, you can change your dog’s grooming regimen at home in Gurgaon. Bid farewell to the hassle of conventional grooming salons as our experts deliver a spa-like experience right to your house. We provide a thorough and gentle bath using premium, pet-friendly shampoos, leaving your dog’s coat shiny and clean.

 Our in-home service puts your dog’s comfort first, creating a stress-free environment while upholding the strictest hygienic guidelines. Experience the convenience of the best Pet grooming at-home service and care for your pet by treating them to professional dog grooming without having to deal with the inconvenience of traveling. The groomer will use premium shampoos and conditioners made especially for pets bathing your pet. We do

  • Gentle cleansing with premium pet shampoos.
  • Coat conditioning for a soft and lustrous finish.
  1. Brushing: Regular brushing is a cornerstone of pet grooming, essential for maintaining a healthy and lustrous coat. Beyond its aesthetic benefits, brushing contributes to overall well-being by removing loose fur, preventing matting, and enhancing circulation. For dogs and cats alike, this simple act promotes a cleaner, healthier coat and reduces shedding, keeping your home cleaner. 

Brushing also fosters a bond between pet and owner, creating a positive and soothing experience. Tailored to different coat types, our professional groomers ensure that the brushing process is not only effective but enjoyable for your furry friend, contributing to their overall happiness and comfort. The groomer will brush your pet’s coat to remove mats and tangles. They will also use a variety of grooming tools to remove dead hair and loose skin.

  1. Nail trimming: Indulge your pets in the ultimate pampering experience with our specialized pet nail cutting and paw massage services in Gurgaon. Our dedicated services go beyond grooming; hence, with precision and care, our expert groomers ensure safe and comfortable nail trimming to maintain their overall health. 

Beyond practicality, our exclusive paw massage sessions offer relaxation and rejuvenation, soothing tired paws and fostering a deeper connection with your pets. We intend to create moments of joy and well-being for your beloved companions. Treat your pets to the luxury they deserve with our meticulous nail and paw care regimen.

The groomer will trim your pet’s nails softly with care to a comfortable length. It includes :

  • Safe and precise nail trimming.
  • Moisturizing paw treatments for extra care.
  1. Ear cleaning: Cleaning of the ears is a crucial part of services. Our team of expert Pet groomers in Gurgaon go above and above to carefully clean your pet’s ears and remove the buildup of dirt and wax. This procedure is vital in preventing possible infections and pain for your pet, as well as guaranteeing a clean ear.

 We support the best possible ear health for your pet by taking care of their ear cleanliness regularly. The comfort and well-being of your pet are our top priorities throughout every grooming session, so you can rely on our skilled groomers to complete this task with accuracy and kindness.

  1. Hair cutting: Use our professional dog haircut at-home services in Gurgaon to give a makeover to your dog’s appearance without even having to leave the comfort of home. Your pet will have a stress-free, individualized grooming experience when our skilled groomers bring their knowledge right to your house. 

Our team of professionals has the knowledge and resources to give your dog the ideal cut, whether they need a trim, a whole haircut, or a chic new style. Take advantage of personalized grooming sessions, resulting in a smooth and joyful experience for you and your cherished pet. Our in-home grooming services will allow you to lavish your dog with the care they deserve.

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Our Pet Grooming and Pet Care Service

Expert Dog & Cat Groomers: Redefining Luxury in Gurgaon

Discover the epitome of pet grooming excellence with our expert dog & cat groomers in Gurgaon. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to providing meticulous care tailored to the unique needs of each furry friend. With a keen understanding of various breeds and temperaments, our groomers ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience for your pets. From precise haircuts to gentle baths and pampering sessions, we take pride in enhancing the well-being and appearance of your beloved companions. Trust our expertise to bring out the best in your pets, leaving them looking and feeling their absolute finest.


Purr-fectly Affordable Luxury: Tailored Dog & Cat Grooming Price Packages, Delivered to Your Doorstep in Gurgaon

With our carefully designed best affordable Pet grooming service packages, you can indulge at an affordable price and have top-notch care delivered right to your Gurgaon door. Since we understand how important it is to have clear pricing, our packages are designed to accommodate a range of needs and price points. Whether it’s fundamental grooming essentials or lavish spa-like treatments, our pricing mirrors our dedication to delivering premium services for both canine and feline friends. Embrace the convenience of at-home grooming without straining your budget, ensuring your pets receive the pampering they deserve. Explore our competitive rates and diverse packages, treating your furry companions to a grooming experience customized to meet their distinct needs.

The frequency of grooming services required by a pet varies depending on the breed, age, and health of each pet. Regular pet grooming in Gurgaon greatly improves your pets’ general health and happiness, in addition to improving their cosmetic appeal. Hence, we advise speaking with qualified groomers to customize services to your pet’s unique needs.

Our goal is to simplify your life by taking care of the responsibility of providing your dogs with the best care possible. You won’t have to worry about making time for a grooming appointment or dread going to the grooming salon. We provide the salon right to your door. What makes us unique is our dedication to using premium, pet-safe products. We are aware that each pet is different and has different needs.


Thus, our expert Pet groomers in Gurgaon use a customized grooming strategy that takes into account the unique needs of your pet’s breed, age, and coat type. Your pet will feel and look their best thanks to this customized treatment. We take great satisfaction in seeing the joy on the faces of both pet and owner when they notice the change in their pet’s appearance and behavior.


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