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Top 10 Dog Breeds That Require Regular Grooming

As a dog groomer, you might know that different dogs have different grooming needs. Some dogs require frequent brushing and trimming, whereas others need special attention to their skin as well as coats. If you are a pet owner, you need to understand the grooming needs of your furry friends to keep them looking their best.

In this blog, we will discuss some dog breeds that have high grooming needs and need regular grooming from a pet grooming service.

Why do some dogs have higher grooming needs than others?

If we talk about different breeds of dogs, all breeds have unique coat traits. Some dogs have short coats, which need less attention. On the other hand, some dogs have long hair, which needs a lot of care. In addition, some dogs have coats with unique needs, like corded coat breeds, curly-haired breeds, and double-coated breeds. These dog breeds require their hair to be trimmed at regular intervals.

Why do dogs need regular grooming sessions?

There are several reasons why dogs need regular grooming sessions by professional pet grooming services in Delhi. Some of the primary reasons are:

Coat health:- Regular grooming helps to avoid matting. Matting can be very painful for dogs as it leads to skin irritation and does not allow them to move freely. Grooming also removes loose and dead hair, which helps to prevent the shedding of hair.

Skin Health:- With regular grooming, you will be able to inspect the skin health of your dogs regularly. This can help to detect skin conditions at an early age, parasites and lumps, etc, which need immediate medical attention.

Hygiene:- Regular grooming sessions using mobile pet grooming service in Delhi will keep your dog healthy and fresh. When you get your dogs groomed by professional groomers, they clean their eyes and ears to prevent infections and maintain overall hygiene.

Nail Care:- Professional groomers say that trimming nails is essential. If the nails of dogs become too long, it leads to irritation and joint problems in them.

Oral Health:- Many grooming sessions by top quality grooming service also include dental health, that is, teeth cleaning. This helps to prevent dental issues and will also help your dog maintain fresh breath.

Parasite Prevention:- Parasites often infest dog’s bodies. You can keep a check on them with their regular grooming. It is essential to spot these infestations at an early stage and treat them as soon as possible.

Temperature Regulation:- Depending on the season, regular grooming sessions will also help you to regulate the body temperature of your dog. Trimming in summer will help to avoid overheating, and leaving a long coat in winter will help them keep warm.

Breed Specific Needs:- As discussed later in the blog, different breeds have different grooming needs. Long-haired dogs require frequent grooming sessions, whereas short-haired dogs are low maintenance. When you own a dog, make sure that their grooming needs are met. If you live in Delhi, you can now get pet grooming service at Doorstep.

Bonding:- If you want to spend some quality time with your dog, then grooming sessions are the best way. It will help you build trust with your pet.

Emotional Well Being:- Like a great spa session proves to be a stress buster for you, regular grooming sessions are stress busters for your dogs. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, especially for dogs who remain nervous due to any trauma in the past.

Top 10 dog breeds which require maximum grooming

Golden Retriever:- Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. And there is, of course, no doubt in its popularity. They have beautiful, thick coats that need regular brushing and trimming to avoid tangles and matting. Since this breed also sheds a lot of hair, regular grooming by professional pet grooming service helps to keep their hair shedding under control.

Poodle:- A poodle dog is your top pick when it comes to being groomed. They get so happy when they are pampered, and no matter the size of your poodle, their grooming demands are much higher. Poodles are known for their curly coats. They need regular grooming sessions to maintain their unique style of hair. They need regular brushing and trimming by expert pet grooming service in Delhi to avoid tangles and matting. In addition, if you own a poodle, you have to take specific care of their ears. Their ears need to be cleaned regularly to prevent any infection.

Shih Tzu:- With luscious locks and sparkling eyes, Shih Tzus are the most adorable dogs ever found. Shih Tzus have long and flowing coats. Try brushing them regularly to avoid tangles in their hair. They also need regular bathing sessions to keep their coast clean and healthy. In addition, you also have to clean their eyes regularly to avoid tear staining.

Yorkshire Terrier:- The breed Yorkshire Terrier is known for its long and silky hair. These dogs are known for their warm welcomes and extremely positive attitude. Their hair requires regular brushing to prevent knots. You also have to clean them at regular intervals to keep them healthy. Since this breed is highly prone to infections, make sure you check their ears at regular intervals to prevent any serious infections. So, if you own a Yorkshire Terrier, their monthly grooming appointments should be on your to-do monthly list every time.

Portuguese Water Dog:- If you are looking for a dog that does not shed its hair and can be groomed really fancy, Portuguese water dogs check all the boxes. They can be styled to be fluffy, or you can wash them and go. Their fur starts curling if you do not groom them, but either way, this pup is extremely fancy, and the love it gives in return is immeasurable. If you are a busy pet owner in Delhi, you can get your water dog cleaned by using a mobile pet grooming service in Gurgaon.

Puli:- Fancy is just the word for them. Their fur is not as fluffy as other dogs. The fur of this dog braids itself. Therefore, grooming is extremely necessary to keep these cords separate and nonmatted. We assure you that heads will turn when you walk down the street with this pup, you have to groom them impressively.

German Shepherd:- German Shepherds are found in many homes. They have a thick double coat that requires regular brushing to prevent matting as well as shedding. They need to bathe only when necessary to avoid stripping of natural oils from their beautiful coat. Make sure to trim their nails regularly, and their ear needs to be cleaned and checked for infections.

Komondor:- If you love large dogs and you want to groom them in a fancy way, then Komondor is just the right dog for you. Since this breed is made to protect, they make great family dogs. Just make sure to keep their cords separated and clean to keep them in sparkling condition. Arrange regular grooming sessions by top-quality pet grooming service for this pup and remain worry-free.

Labrador Retriever:- These dogs have short, thick coats. Although they do not require regular grooming, they need to be brushed at regular intervals to keep them clean and healthy. These dogs tend to shed their hair. Therefore, regular grooming sessions are necessary for these dogs to keep shedding under control.

Lhasa Apso:- Some people consider these dogs extremely fancy. They have the most beautiful long coast, and when they are groomed, trust us, these pups shine. They know they look good and will not stop strutting until they get the attention they deserve. Their long coat moves effortlessly when they move here and there, and they never really have a bad hair day like us. Some pups have all the lick!

We have discussed some amazing dog grooming information in this blog. Find a pet grooming van near me to give your furry friends all the pampering they deserve.