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Grooming at Your Convenience Comfort of a Mobile Van

Grooming at Your Convenience: Enjoy Top-Quality Services in the Comfort of a Mobile Van

Get Mobile Pet Grooming in Delhi


Wigglytails brings you a unique and out of the blue Pet Grooming Services and Care stop. We are taking a step further as we are expanding our services to allow many pet parents around Delhi to experience hassle free pet grooming service. We provide Mobile Van Pet Grooming Services at your Doorstep. Wigglytails is a Mobile Pet Grooming Care and service provider available in the areas of Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. We will be at your doorstep in just one call to take care of the needs of your furry child. We have a range of assistance and packages for you to choose from. We offer packages to choose according to the needs of the pet parent and the pet.


Wigglytails has been catering to the pet care and needs for five years. We have been serving in the local areas near us. Our passion for connecting with animals gave a strong base for Wigglytails as we can channel our love in the form of assistance and attention while we groom our furry customers. We are extremely careful and gentle with animals as we have an experience of five years and even our passion towards our furry friends take the front seat as we groom your pet.

Wigglytails has done research on this and came to know the issues of busy schedules, managing work and taking regular care of the pet can be a struggle. That is why Wigglytails began its journey as a Pet Grooming Service at Doorstep. We received overwhelmingly positive reviews and understood the needs of the pet parent. So we decided to continue this Van Pet Grooming Service and expand it further to reach more such people and befriend more animals.


Care and Love For Our Pets


The goal of starting Van Pet Grooming Service was not only to provide assistance in grooming but also spread an awareness at a larger scale regarding the need of regular pet care and grooming.

Depending on the type of pet, breed, style of coat, and other characteristics, the particular grooming requirements and frequency may change. To make pet grooming service and care a pleasant experience for your pet, it’s crucial to establish a grooming routine early on in their life. Consider asking a professional groomer or your veterinarian for help if you’re unclear of how to groom your pet or what grooming techniques are appropriate. We suggest, you identify the needs before booking our packages of Pet Grooming Service. After that you leave it to us. Our Mobile Van Pet Grooming service will be there at your doorstep.


What are we offering


Wigglytail has constructed a range of packages for you to choose from. You can go through our packages in detail on our website. You can identify the requirements of your pet and choose accordingly.

  • Regular Bath Package : For an enjoyable bathing experience for your pet dog, you can go for a Regular Bath Package. We will make sure that your dog has fun during the procedure and comes out like a clean, handsome good boy.


  • Full Service Package : This Pet Grooming Service includes an overall transformation of your pet dog. From bath and dry to haircut and even mouth spray. We will literally groom your pet so that it can attend any royal function.



  • Basic Grooming Package : Give a nice Pet Grooming Service experience to your pet dog with this package. Your pet can relax and enjoy the leisure time while we work to make them comfortable and also groom them from head to paw.



  • Tick and Flea Treatment : Tick and Flea can be irritating and annoying for your pet. It can also cause infection and diseases. Give them to us as we will get rid of it in a gentle manner and disinfect the fur without any issue.


Are you a cat parent? Don’t worry. We have something for you as well.

  1. Cat Basic Grooming : With this package, you may give your beloved cat a great experience with our pet grooming service. While we try to make your pet comfortable and groom them from head to paw, they may unwind and enjoy the free time.


  • Cat Full Service : Your pet cat will be completely transformed as part of this pet grooming service. Anything from a bath and dry to a haircut and mouthwash. Your pet will be groomed completely and will come out as a VIP.



Take advantage of our services

We are offering you beneficial services.

  1. Quality Pet Care : Our five experience with Mobile Van Pet Grooming has given us experience in handling animals, understanding their needs and coming up with services to give them a comfortable experience of pet grooming service. We connect with your pet to make them feel cozy and homely as we also create an everlasting bond with them.

  2. Satisfaction Guaranteed : Our primary goal is to make your pet happy at the end of the procedure. We ensure to carefully cater to the needs of the animals till the time they are in our hand and give them a satisfactory pet grooming service. With our Pet Grooming Service at Doorstep, we are also providing satisfactory assistance to the pet parent.

  3. Trustworthy Caretakers : We are a team of experienced members who can give your furry friend the attention, grooming and care that they need. Wigglytails understand the problem of time management in today fast paced world, that is why Van Pet Grooming Service is at your doorstep to take one thing off your head.

Are you a Proud Parent of your Furry pet?


Do you feel an urge to reach home as soon as possible for a certain special one?


Are you the one who would rather stay at home on weekends to spend time with that cute part of your life rather than spending time with other people?


Can you feel a sense of calmness and therapeutic time when you cuddle with your squishy partner?


If that is the case then, you are a proud parent of your furry pet. You are that privileged person who has someone special. No matter how much of their fur covers your mat, sofa, bed and especially you. No matter how many slippers or furniture has been chewed. No matter how many times you have to tell them not to jump at strangers. But they are themselves and that is what makes them different from those who have two legs. And when they look at you with those eyes, you cannot resist to love them, snuggle them and shower all your affection. You would rather ask your pet child to “shake hands” then shake hands with any person.


If you are a parent to a dog, then you know that you need to take a significant time of your life for them. They are the one who genuinely needs just your attention, your quality time and absolute love. They can change any dull day into a cheerful one. After a hard day when you reach your doorstep to see someone eagerly waiting for you with only love and no expectations, that satisfaction is so precious.


Or are you the parent who lives with your cat as a roommate? Well that is something that can be described as a “cool” pet. Cats are proud independent pets who would rather watch a football match with you then play. So a cat can be a perfect partner or a roommate. They can give you company without disturbing you but yes the ownership is the question. Who owns who? Well let’s just agree at this point that your cat owns you now. And in fact it feels better.




Pets need regular grooming for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it helps to maintain their general health and happiness. Grooming can assist to avoid skin problems, matting, and tangling by removing dirt, debris, dead hair, and dander from a pet’s coat. Additionally, it breaks down natural oils, keeping the skin hydrated and the coat in good condition.

You can now stop by Wigglytails for an original and unexpected stop for pet grooming services and care. Or in fact we will be stopping at your doorstep with just a call. We are moving forward by extending our services to more pet owners in Delhi so they can enjoy hassle-free pet grooming. At your doorstep, we offer Mobile Van Pet Grooming Services. Contact us now and we can attend to your furry child’s needs at your door. You can pick from a variety of services and packages that we offer.