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Bringing the Salon to You: Find the Benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming in Van

Wiggytails – Mobile Pet Grooming in Delhi


Wigglytails started its journey as a heartfelt fondness towards animals and the devotion to serve these furry friends five years ago. We took care of the needs of pet parents and their pets in our local area which gave us a solid and strong foundation to extend our benefits of pet grooming further. Now we are roaming around as we are continuing with the concept of Mobile Pet Grooming Van in Delhi and other parts near Delhi as well. We are a team of experts who are experienced in handling all kinds of pets. There’s a promise of providing all the benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming at your doorstep with all the essential tools needed.


Remember the Scooby Doo Van? We are something similar to that. Not any ghosts, but we will reach you after you contact us to take care of your furry friend. Wigglytails is a Mobile Pet Grooming Van service that will make sure to get to you and assist you to give your pet child a cozy grooming, makeover, relaxing massage and lots of love. With our experience and your support, your pet can get a fun grooming session. Our Mobile Pet Grooming service allows your pet to feel homely and be in a comfortable space without getting anxious. We have taken into consideration to finally come to this conclusion that the benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming is something that is needed in this fast paced world.


Benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming Van

Mobile Pet Grooming is a developing concept in India which is gradually increasing. We understand that you love your pet child and as a concerned pet parent, you want the best for them. That is why if you are still a little not sure about Mobile Pet Grooming Van and its services, take a look at its benefits.

  • Personal care and attention – One of the primary benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming Van is the personal care and undivided attention to your pet. The session will be exclusively for your pet parent and our experts will focus on giving the best to just the customer at the moment. It will let your pet get the grooming from head to paw without any problems.
  • No Exposure. No chance of infection – Sometimes pet parents worry about the exposure of any infection or diseases. It is absolutely natural to have such worry as it is sometimes possible for your pet to get some unnoticed irritation. But with Mobile Pet Grooming Van, the service comes at your doorstep without any need to get exposed to an alien environment. This reduces the chance of any infection by a very significant margin.
  • Easy to access – Some pets are sensitive to new places or become anxious in presence of many people or other animals. Especially if they have somehow sensed where and why you are going to a certain place, it becomes difficult to drag them. Mobile Pet Grooming Van makes sure that you can easily let your pet get groomed without any hassle. Also we take a great responsibility in making sure that your pet and our furry friend feels absolutely warm and secure with us.
  • Flexible Scheduling – Another very much crucial benefit of Mobile Pet Grooming Van service is that you don’t have to especially take some time out from your busy time table for this. You can go to the website of Wigglytails and book your session according to your availability. Such flexible scheduling will also let you be there for your pet child without any thought of work running at the back of your mind and can give all attention to the Wiggytails grooming session.


Why Choose Wiggytails

Wigglytails offers an innovative and unconventional setting for pet grooming and care with our Mobile Pet Grooming Van. You can just give us a call, we’ll stop at your door. In order to provide hassle-free pet grooming, we are expanding our services to more pet owners in Delhi. We provide mobile van pet grooming services right at your door. Call us right away, and we’ll take care of your furry child’s needs right at your door. You can choose from a range of the services and deals we provide. Check out all that Wigglytails is offering:

  1. Quality Pet Care: We have five years of expertise with animals, knowing their needs, and developing services to make pet grooming comfortable for them. This experience has helped us provide quality pet care. This Mobile Pet Grooming Van allows us to be on the road and meet new furry friends. Our adoration for animals is the strong reason why we believe and are successful in giving quality pet care. We establish a lifelong link with your pet while also making them feel at home and at ease.
  2. Guaranteed Satisfaction: At the completion of the procedure, we want your pet to be pleased. We make sure to attentively attend to the animals’ requirements while they are in our care and provide them with quality pet grooming. With our Mobile pet grooming Van service at your door, we are also successfully helping the pet owner. Your pet child will get all the benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming and even as a parent of a pet child, you can get satisfaction from Wigglytails without any issue.
  3. Reliable Caregivers: We are a group of skilled professionals who can provide your beloved pet with the attention, grooming, and care that they require. Wigglytails recognizes the difficulty of time management in the fast-paced world of today. Your professional life can be tiring and exhausting. Among all the duties Wigglytails is here to take one thing off your head. Which is why Mobile Van Pet Grooming Service is at your door to relieve you of one burden.



You must take responsibility for your furry friend’s health as a pet parent. This involves spending quality time with your pet, playing with them, and developing a close relationship with them as well as giving them proper nourishment, grooming, and medical care.

During grooming appointments, you can check your pet’s body for anything which does not seem right like lumps, bumps, or any other oddities. Early identification of likely medical problems can result in early veterinary care, increasing the chances of successful treatment. Never take it for granted as a result.

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