Infection Prevention and Control; COVID-19 – WIGGLY TAILS

What we’re doing to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19

  • Disinfecting dog lead handles
  • Staying a safe distance 1 metre from customers
  • Washing hands regularly
  • Cleaning surfaces

How customers can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19

  • Avoid paying with cash if possible. Pay with contactless payments
  • Disinfect dog lead handles
  • Stay a 1 metre from staff

Infection Prevention and Control

Wiggly Tails is committed to practising safe hand hygiene. 

  • Nails must be short, clean and free of nail varnish. False nails are NOT acceptable.
  • When washing your hands, the water you use, should be warm.
  • Always wet hands before using soap.
  • Wash all areas of the hand and wrists (see diagram for advice), this should take AT LEAST 20 seconds.
  • Rinse hands well with running water.
  • Pat hands dry & ensure that they are thoroughly dried.


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